Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My book, "Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power," Is Being Distributed Free by Publisher Online

People can now get free copies of my book "Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power" -- with a new updated preface I've written in the midst of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power disaster.

Just go to www.thepermanentpress.com and you will see the book displayed on the homepage--and a box to click on and have the book downloaded at no cost.

What I emphasized in putting the book together was printing actual documents, as facsimiles, documents from the nuclear industry and government nuclear agencies. I believed that would be a good way to counter the Atomic Pinocchios and their lies -- something we're being intensely hit with now as the nuclear propagandists try to cover-up the consequences of the Fukushima disaster.

For example, in recent days I received an email asking for the source of the line in a government report that a major nuclear plant accident could involve an area the size of the state of Pennsylvania. It is on Page 9 of Cover Up, exactly as it appears in a government report titled "WASH-740-update" -- "the possible size of the area of such a disaster might be equal to that of the State of Pennsylvania." This projection is repeated over and over again in this report about the consequences of nuclear power plant accidents that was done by Brookhaven National Laboratory and kept secret for years. It was written a little more than a decade before the Three Mile Island accident.

By pasting down portions of such reports on the flats from which the book was printed, between narrative, I hoped to empower people by providing them with primary documents and thus make them fully aware of the truth about nuclear power -- and give them tools to refute the snow-jobs and the lies.

Marty and Judy Shepard of The Permanent Press had the guts to put out the book while publishers in New York refused claiming at the time that they didn't think interest in nuclear power was long-lasting. My agent, a top New York agent, was astonished. I eventually understood that this was part of the overall media cover-up on nuclear power. A good part of a chapter in the book is about this informational cover-up. Chapters include: "What Is At Stake?," "How It Works," "Accident Hazards," "Medical Consequences," "Radioactive Waste," "Economics and Jobs," "How We Got So Far," "The Alternatives," and "What You Can Do About It."

Marty says on his publisher's blog that the book is being distributed free because: "We’re not interested in making a nickel off Cover Up....Our passion in publishing has always been the good feeling that comes from doing worthy books, which trumps profits any time."

Publisher's Weekly said when the book came out that it was "powerfully documented" and that I make "a strong case for the view that giant nuclear energy corporations have taken extreme measures to hide the shocking facts about nuclear power, and are now stalling development of other energy sources in order to protect their huge investment."

So, please download the book. And, please put this information on other websites and list-servs so even more people can at no cost download the book.

Also, videos I have done on nuclear power are available for viewing free at www.envirovideo.com They include: "Three Mile Island Revisted," "The Push to Revive Nuclear Power," and "Chernobyl: A Million Casualties."


Ben Shrimpton said...

Love your work Karl.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Dear Karl:
I deeply appreciate your efforts in this regard. What a great work. John Gofman was another sage like you who shared his works freely. Because of people like you we have hope that life would be nurtured with love.